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Are You Wondering Why Your Listing isn’t Online with Aus-Bizlist ? – Payment is required before ads are approved manually.


Since it became necessary to charge for Listing with Aus-Bizlist there has been a number of Good Business Ads submitted by valued customers.

Several of the new listings have not been published due to customers not completing the payment process.

Once payment is received through PayPal the new listing will be approved or rejected within less than 24 hours.

Rates to list with Aus-Bizlist are very reasonable, therefore if you take time to register your username and password, then send in your listing, simply pay for the service to get results.

25/06/2021 |

Easily Pay for Your Online listing at from AUD$8 for 6 months Online


Easily Pay for your online listing at, when you finish your description about Your Business products and service uploading photos, web, email phone number and location addresses.

We believe our prices to be of excellent value, feel welcome to List Your Business with Aus-Bizlist pty ltd.

Remember to log in to add more listing’s for your business.

14/06/2021 |
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